Daylight Church is committed to seeking truth while recognizing that the search for truth is a lifelong journey. We are a “reach-across-the-aisle” church that teaches the importance of exploration, questioning, and even healthy argumentation as part of the spiritual journey. We think there are many particulars within the Christian belief system that should be held loosely and a handful of topics that are worth planting flags. We hope Daylight is a safe place for people to ask tough questions without fear, take a serious look at why they believe what they believe, and, most importantly, to walk out individual spiritual lives in community with other people on similar journeys to their own.

Our leaders hold to a basic Christian belief system that would be described as Trinitarian, Pentecostal/Charismatic, and centered on the idea that Jesus is/was the culmination and focal point of all Scripture. As a leadership team, we believe the following:


We believe Jesus was divine (God as man) and came into the world as a light to show us the way to God. If one wants to know what God looks like, the easiest way is to look to Jesus.

We believe that through His life, death, and resurrection He empowered us to start fresh in life with renewed purpose, loving God and others as we were designed to do. He is our greatest desire.

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God the Father

We believe God the Father is the Creator of all things. We believe time, space, and matter burst into being as a result of His words and that modern science confirms this. We believe He is too big to understand but have a lot of fun learning as much as we can, which is a lot. He’s everywhere, knows everything that can be known, and can do anything that can be done. He’s huge and amazing and we love Him.

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God the Holy Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit is an equal part of the Godhead (The Trinity) and that He is personal and working in and through us. We believe followers of Jesus can be filled with God’s Spirit and that he is our Helper, Friend, and Counselor. We desire His leading in every aspect of our daily lives.

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The Bible

We believe the Bible is a literary collection inspired by God (“God-breathed”) over a period of a few thousand years by people of varied backgrounds, different languages, and different culture and that God’s message can be found within its pages. It is the unfolding story of God’s involvement with mankind and His revelation through Jesus, the lens through which all Scripture must be viewed. 

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