Giving to Daylight Church

Because of your financial support and generosity, you will enable Daylight Church to grow in our community and provide a church home for you and/or others. A substantial portion (currently 15-19%) of all tithes and offerings donated to Daylight will be funneled to humanitarian service organizations and missions throughout the U.S. and abroad.

For what we teach about money, check out our series “What I Tell My Kids About Cash.”

Ways to Give

1) We offer safe and secure online giving (with the option for re-occurring donations) here:

2) Give at Sunday morning services. (Our offerings are low-pressure.)

3) Mail a donation to:

Daylight Church
4226 Dolphin Rd
Louisville, KY 40220

4) Text to give. Text any amount (numerical figure) to 502-912-8173.

Your first time, there will be a brief registration. After that, you can save the number in your contacts (ex: as “Daylight Giving”). From then on, all you’ll need to do is text the numerical amount to your new saved contact.